Gift Ideas for the Guy in Your Life

June 01, 2017

Gift Ideas for the Guy in Your Life

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Troy is totally a car guy- before he was a teacher, he worked on cars for almost 10 years. When anyone in the family has a car issue, Troy is the go-to guy. Therefore, nice garage essentials make the perfect gift for him. The garage essentials from MYCHANIC for your car make the perfect Father's Day gift or gift for the man in your life. They are multi-function tools including ones that can stick, hook and stand.

The pod light is a great item from MYCHANIC and gives you light where you need it most while doing a car job. It has 300 lumens and a magnet base. It is omni directional and sticks to magnetic surfaces while being small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It has high and low light modes and is perfect for any car job you may need it for.

The creeper tray is large, has 3 compartments and helps keep your parts and tools sorted. It rolls so that you can take it under the car with you or slide it around your work space. There is a magnetic receiving plate for the POD light which would is very helpful. Always follow recommended safety guidelines.

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