Getting Clean With the Detailing Rig

April 11, 2018

Getting Clean With the Detailing Rig

Tony Columbini of Blacktop Media

When Billy and I were at the SEMA Show we took the transit over to the AAPEX Show to meet up with our friends from MYCHANIC. We met with James Finney and Gene Duarte, their product designers. The guys gave us a sneak peek at the Detailing Rig to come out in Spring of 2018. 

Well, spring is definitely in the air and we got one of the Detailing Rigs to run it through the paces. It didn’t take much to put it together. I got it all bolted together while having a cup of coffee one Saturday morning. Sturdy metal construction, and powder coated fasteners made for an easy project. Four bolts, six machine screws and 5 casters, and we were ready to detail! 

So, now it’s time to get to cleaning. For today’s project, I saw that the wheels on our ’05 RAM “Blacktop Bruiser” were looking a bit dirty. Time to break out the Meguiar’s brand new Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner and clean up the wheels and tires. The advanced chemistry blends road grime attacking surfactants with active brake dust dissolving agents. The deep-cleaning gel formula turns brake dust purple and road grime brown as it gently loosens stubborn contaminants. And since it’s acid free and pH balanced this wheel cleaner is safe and effective for all wheel finishes and painted brake components.

I tell you what, rolling around on the driveway with the Detailing Rig by MYCHANIC is a breeze. The 5 heavy-duty 3” casters roll over palm seeds and twigs with ease. The fifth wheel acts as a wheelie bar so the rig is very stable. We used the cup holder to hold our bottle of Meguiar’s Metal Polish. The bucket handles have cutouts in them to hold spray bottles. These guys are thinking of everything.

But wait! The fun doesn’t stop there.

The bucket also has a form fitting grit trap guard. The seat is made of durable EVA foam and pops off its perch to act as a kneeling pad when you need to get down. Maybe it’s the romantic in me, but I can see a guy using it to propose to his betty when they are cleaning the car together. What’s a better time to make a lifelong commitment?

There are slots built into the sides of the seat tray for hanging towels and under the seat is another tray for holding tools and other detailing products.

Now that the wheel cleaner has had some time to do it’s thing it’s time to rinse it off and apply the Meguiar’s Hot Shine Reflect Foam tire dressing. I like this product because it doesn’t make the tires all glossy, but a nice dark black.

Our shop dog Hot Rod Hilda was watching as I was cleaning the wheels and I think she wants to take a closer look. Little does she know, I have the bucket full of doggie shampoo. The Detailing Rig is PERFECT for washing a dog like Hilda. The pitbull mix is too big to put in the sink and too heavy to lift in the bath. So it’s a scrub down on the driveway. Not sure if she likes it or not, but boy will she be the pride of the neighborhood.

This Detailing Rig will sure make the neighbors jealous or at least prompt them to tell me their car or dog is next. Take a look at all the specs at


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