PIK Light Review

April 27, 2017

PIK Light Review

Newstips Bulletin

A MYCHANIC PIK Light is roughly the size & shape of a refrigerated dinner roll tube with a row of LEDs on one side & a trio of small emitters at the end. It’s a work light with some nice extras, like a magnetized base that tucks away a rotating plastic hanging hook. The row of lights on the side is its main event, offering a high mode rated at 250 lumens for 2 hours & a lesser-brightness mode rated at 5 hours per charge; it comes with AC & car plug chargers. You can also choose the close-range flashlight trio & one great companion for that is next to them: a magnetic pickup that telescopes out of the light & has flexible final inches so it can reach around or under things.

Bottom line: Held in your hand, hung from a hook or stuck somewhere handy with its magnet, a MYCHANIC PIK light is purpose-built for working alongside you.


PIK Light