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10 Ways Our Mini Fridge Will Improve Your Life!

  • 3 min read

The Mini Fridge is designed to meet so many needs -- either at home or on the road. For travel, just plug it into your car’s 12V outlet and take off! With its unmatched ability to cool down, heat up, and go anywhere you go, it is most definitely Built for the Journey ™.

1. First and Foremost, Staying Healthy

Urban Transit Travel Mini Fridge Blog 1

The Mini Fridge can reduce stress in a world where health issues are a constant struggle for many – and travel can present complications. With the Mini Fridge, travelers with food allergies can keep separate food safe and away from cross-contamination. Moms no longer need to be concerned about breastmilk not staying cold on long drives. Or, anyone with Diabetes is able to keep insulin at required temperatures.
Don’t let health complications stand in the way of living everyday life. We are who we are, so let’s own it and let the Mini Fridge help us live life to the fullest!

2. Keep That Skin Glowing

Are you promoting skin care products? Bring them on-the-go to meet-and-greets. Everything will be kept fresh for consumers to test and buy.
Calling all moms! Show daughters how to properly take care of skin care products with the Mini Fridge. Depuffing and clearer skin is now made easy!

3. Hot Dinner and Hot Coffee All On-the-Go

Winter hunting trips require hot chocolate and coffee; and family road trips need Mom’s homemade food to stay fresh. The Mini Fridge is created with a uniquely designed heat setting to keep just about anything warm. Name the journey, and the Mini Fridge will have it covered!

4. DIY Garage Projects

Urban Transit Travel Mini Fridge Blog 2

Whenever a DIY car repair or garage project beckons, grab a seat on your Beast Shop Stool (featuring effortless, Pro-Glide ™ casters) and roll over to the Mini Fridge for some cold ones! Car repair is about more than getting the car running. It is about doing it the right way: with a loved one, and with a couple of cold, refreshing drinks.
Sons learn from their fathers! So, next time a DIY project is on the table, be sure to show the future Dads of the world the proper way to get a project done!

5. Did Someone Say Camping?

True camping simply cannot happen without hot dogs to roast over the fire and a couple of cold drinks. Make weekend camping trips easier and more efficient by keeping perishables in the Mini Fridge. Your food supplies will stay cool, fresh, and ready when needed!

6. Grab the Sunscreen and Head to the Beach

This mini fridge provides the perfect home for sandwiches and water to stay chilled and ready to enjoy. The beach is wonderful, but it is also sandy and gets hot. Regroup with cold-packed snacks and keep on getting that tan!

7. Go Team Go!

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Has the family been counting down the days to use their season tickets? Pack up everything for the day in the Mini Fridge and when it is time to go cheer on the ultimate team, all the necessities are ready to go. Why spend money on concessions when your Mini Fridge will keep your snacks fresh all day long? Save money and cheer on!

8. Backyard BBQs

This is the perfect solution for grandparents, friends, or family members who love throwing backyard BBQs. The Mini Fridge, or even a couple of them, helps keep guests outside and reduces the amount of cleanup inside the house. Guests will enjoy the great outdoors, and the convenience of having ice-cold drinks right next to them may just be the highlight of the BBQ!

9. Parents' Lives Made Easier

A full day of school, plus driving the kids around to all the extracurriculars, gets exhausting! Parents, start the morning by packing the Mini Fridge with all you need for the busy day – even the perishables. This reduces the chances of having to drive home to get something else and leaves extra time at the end of the day for some self-care before doing it all again tomorrow!

10. You Never Know When You Will Need It

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Let’s paint a picture: it has already been a long drive to family vacation, and when everyone arrives at the hotel, there is no refrigerator. It is hot outside, and the week is supposed to get even warmer. Hot bottles of water simply will not do.

The Mini Fridge is a perfect backup. Use its convenience for the drive and then also at your destination. You won’t have to think twice about whether there will be a place for your perishables throughout the week!