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Air Travel Tips for Families

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Traveling with the whole family always seems to make everything much more complicated – especially with the kids! Airports are expensive, full of germs, and super busy, depending on when you’re flying. Keeping everyone together and organized during this is always a hassle. Problems tend to arise and add stress to what should be a simple day. Below are ten tips for your next plane ride with the family – they’ll solve your travel problems! 

Keep the Important Stuff Close

Organization for Family Air Travel

Consider getting a small pouch or even a ziplock bag to keep all the critical items (IDs, plane tickets, etc.) in the same spot. This eliminates the kids accidentally leaving something vital somewhere – and keeps stress levels down, knowing everything needed is together in one place. Travel easy and know nothing is missing with this travel tip! 

Pack Food 

Airport food is expensive and not the best place for picky eaters. With limited selections, a low-quality and simple snack could cost more than you want. Rather than spending money on overpriced food, pack your food at home and bring it along for the journey! You’ll have all the kids’ favorite snacks and be comforted knowing you won’t be wasting money on food you could’ve brought yourself.

Make a Money Plan 

Similar to our last tip, this one will save you money. Before leaving for your trip, look at your possible expenses. Plan out how much you need to spend on essentials, how much you want to spend leisurely, and how much to have on hand just in case of an emergency. Having all of this planned out will bring you a lot of stress relief and allow you to enjoy your time knowing that your expenses are covered! 

Urban Transit™ Child Safety Seat Travel Backpack 

Packing for Plane Travel with Kids

Airports are full of germs, and every time something goes through that security machine, it comes out a little dirtier than when it went in. Urban Transit presents to you the one-of-a-kind, rugged, and sturdy Child Safety Seat Travel Backpack. This child seat cover is made with PVC-backed polyester, high-impact plastic hardware, and adjustable straps to fit you perfectly. Keep the seat clean and safe as you travel, and take advantage of the convenient pockets to hold any small essential items! 

Everyone Take a Bag 

If old enough and capable, let each kid carry their own backpack – they can keep their snacks, games, and comfort stuffed animals/items together in one spot. A perk of backpacks instead of roller bags is that backpacks can be kept right at their feet. Parents, hold the really important stuff, but teach some responsibility and lighten your load by letting the kids carry their own things. 

Just in Case Items

It may take up a little bit of room, but it is always better to be prepared. Bring any extra medications or documentation you or the family may need! Sometimes kids fall down, and sometimes food just doesn’t sit right. Don’t you want to have the necessities required for that kind of situation just in case? 

Also, write down doctors’ phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc. If your phone dies or you lose it, you’ll still want to have access to these emergency numbers! 

Organize Everything

Traveling with Family

You should try to fit everything that can fit into your actual suitcase. Even if you don’t check your bag, it can be a hassle to try and get something out of a zipped-shut suitcase. Keep the essentials in your backpack, and organize all other items neatly in the suitcase. You’ll thank yourself later! 

Bring Games to Keep the Kids Busy 

Delayed flights happen all the time – so have something ready in case this happens. Card games such as UNO or Go Fish are all super easy to bring along because it is just one deck of cards! Plus, they are simple and easy for all ages to play. Throw the games into one of the bags and be prepared to wait around – you never know!

Tag All of Your Luggage 

Traveling – even just walking through the airport – can get chaotic! Tag all of your luggage with your name and contact information just in case something gets left behind somewhere. Odds are, you won’t need it. . .but it just takes a moment to do and will save you so much grief if you do it! 

Ask for Help

Know other parents who have traveled with kids? Ask them for advice on what they did to make the trip easy. Does the trip have room for a couple more? Ask a friend to come along! Extra hands are always helpful, and let’s face it, even with both parents present, there is always an overwhelming amount of stuff to do (especially with newborns)!


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