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8 Effective Ways To Get Rid of Seasonal Winter Blues

  • 2 min read

When the cold days drag on and it feels dark all the time, keeping up a good spirit is challenging. The weather has a real impact on mood – and if you have been feeling sad this past month, it could be because of the lack of natural sunlight you’ve been getting. So how are you supposed to get more sunlight when you can’t even see it in the sky? 

Well, you can’t make the sun come out more than it wants to, but there are things you can start doing to lift your mood.

1. Exercise More

Getting your body moving does more than get you in shape – it releases endorphins that help lift your mood. It is why some people go for a run when they are stressed – it gets your emotions boosted quickly! 

2. Go Outside

If it’s not absolutely freezing, get outside and go for a walk. Being back in nature and getting sun on your face – even if it’s minimal – can make your day that much better.

3. Drive To A View

If the roads are safe to drive on, go somewhere in nature and just sit in your car while taking in the view. Cars naturally get a lot of sunlight because of all of their windows. The light combined with the view will get you grounded and hopefully find you some peace. 

4. Spend Time With Other People

Surround yourself with laughter and fun! Remind yourself of the little joys in life and share them with people around you. Positive environments spark positive attitudes! 

5. Light Candles or Invest In a Diffuser

During the holidays, the scent of candles burning in the house created a cozy home feel. You can still light candles and burn essential oils to get that relaxed feel. Make your house feel homier! 

6. Do Something New 

Taking on a new project or picking up a new hobby can help keep you busy and give you a new activity to have fun trying out. The key here is to have fun and combat the sadness that the dark winter days bring along.

7. Eat Healthy Foods

You don’t need to go on some crazy diet – just try to include more healthy food groups into your diet. You will boost your mood and feel better!

8. Remember That Spring Is On The Horizon

Without the cold, you can’t genuinely love and appreciate that first warm day of spring! Winters can drag on, but knowing that warmth is on the way will make the cold months worth it! 

If you have a project in mind that you want to do to pass the winter days but need to get organized, check out for the ultimate tools that will level up your entire project! 


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