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Here’s how you can keep your windshield from cracking this winter

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It’s a cold morning and you’re running late. You scramble outside to find your car coated in a thick layer of ice. What do you do?

Quick fixes feel like a bright idea at first, but you could easily crack your windshield with one wrong move. Plus, taking the time to properly remove the winter elements is a lot quicker than having your windshield repaired. Full windshield replacements are tricky in the winter; urethanes, a compound used to bond windshields, do not properly bond in cold temperatures.

Here are 9 things you need to do to prevent your windshield from cracking

Use An Ice Scraper

As tempting as it may be to scrape your windshield with the gift card you have on hand, you’re likely scratching the glass. Plastic ice scrapers are designed to chip away ice and not your windshield.

Skip The Hot Water

If you hate taking the time to scrape your windshield, don’t pour hot water on the windshield as a quick fix. The temperature change from the ice and water will crack your windshield.

Repair Chips and Cracks ASAP

It’s easy to ignore that tiny chip in the corner of your windshield, but that little imperfection puts your whole windshield at risk for major cracking. Moisture builds up in chips and cracks over time. When the temperature drops, that water expands in the crack and makes it worse.

If you live in an area with heavy ice and snow, the weight of the buildup will compromise your windshield further, leading to more glass cracking and even collapse.

Defrost From The Inside

The first thing you should do if your windshield is frozen is to start your engine and turn on the heat. Don’t crank the heat—especially if you have a chipped or cracked windshield—the temperature difference between the ice and hot air will crack the glass. New cars have defrosters built into the front and back windshield, which are designed to defrost without cracking the glass.

Keep The Windshield Clean

Washing your car in the winter seems pointless when snow continues to pile up, but dirt is accumulating with the snow. Dirt scratches your windshield and damages your windshield wipers if not properly removed.

Keep Snow & Ice Off Your Windshield

FrostGuard Winter Windshield Deluxe

Not everyone has a garage or carport they can park under. Winter windshield covers are a great affordable option that you can take anywhere. FrostGuard Deluxe features Fit-Fast® elastic straps and security panels that hold the cover snuggly to your windshield. Skip scraping and have your windshield clear in seconds!

Be Cautious Of Where You Park

If possible, avoid parking under trees or building ledges. The tree may snap under extreme winter weather, and falling icicles easily puncture through windshields.

Pop Up Your Wipers

Under the right conditions, wipers freeze to your windshield. Instead of wiping snow and slush off the glass, they can become brittle and snap. Popping wipers up is a great option if you do not have a winter windshield with a wiper flap cover.

FrostGuard Winter Windshield Covers

The flap guards the wipers against freezing precipitation, so they do not freeze to your windshield. FrostGuard Deluxe and Plus windshield covers are designed with this in mind, giving full coverage protection to your windshield, side mirrors, and wipers.

Replace Old Windshield Wipers

If your wipers are not working efficiently, it is time to replace them. Dirty and damaged wipers are rough and will scratch your windshield glass. There are durable, winter-ready windshield wipers on the market if you are in a heavy snow region.

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