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How to Keep the Kids and your Car Clean

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From babies to 6th graders, there is always a never-ending mess. At Urban Transit™, we innovatively create one-of-a-kind products to solve your everyday problems, including taking care of the chaos that comes with kids. Below, we have laid out products for different kinds of kids to make your life as a parent more manageable and cleaner.

For Parents Whose Kids Still Need a Boost

Car Seat - Booster Seat Protector

An infant seat for the car is just the first step to years of booster seats to keep the little ones safe during a car ride. Unfortunately, your car seats can suffer from years of indentations and pressure from the booster seat’s build. 

If you currently have this problem or are expecting it soon, you want to get a protector as good as this Car Seat Protector! Urban Transit designed this product to save your seat and keep it neat at the same time. Its practical non-slip PVC keeps the car seat secure, and its heavy-duty 300D cationic fabric repels hair, dirt, and grime. This easy-to-clean protector also provides maximum storage on the flap that firmly hangs over the seat. Keep the baby’s essentials right next to the car seat to minimize the chance of losing something important! 

Even when the kids are all grown up, this durable seat will last and work to protect your seats from dents and rips of any kind. Invest and fall in love with the style it adds to your back seat!

For Parents Who Love to be Prepared

Back Seat Kick mat and Organizer

With kids comes – too much – stuff! Finding a place to keep everything in the car quickly turns into floor clutter. Here’s how to prevent that: Urban Transit’s Trunk Organizer and Back Seat Organizer.

The collapsable and lightweight Trunk Organizer is perfect for keeping everything the day demands sturdy and organized in the trunk and out of the way. The not slip base keeps it from sliding around, and its built-in straps hold bottles upright. Take advantage of the large compartments and never have under-seat clutter ever again.

The Back Seat Organizer keeps up the organization but in a different way. Instead of sitting in the trunk, it secures over the back of your seat for easier access. There are many pockets to hold accessories, durable bottle pouches, so water doesn’t spill, and an insulated lunch box that attaches right to it. This is ideal for the kids’ school lunches, long car rides, or for the busy parent when there is not tons of time in the day to stop and get food. 

You’ll love the organization and the quiet when the kids watch their favorite shows through the organizer's clear table sleeve holder! 

For Parents Who Hate Muddy Sneakers

Back Seat Organizer

Watching kids run around the park or win in a soccer game always results in a proud parent moment. And – more often than not – also results in dirty sneakers leaving a mess on the seats to scrub off. 

No one wants to celebrate a victory by scrubbing the car clean away from stains. The Back Seat Kick Mat shields your seat from kicking feet! This product secures over the back of your seat, similarly to the Back Seat Organizer,but was created a bit differently. This product is specifically made for easy cleaning and protection over most –if not all– of the back of your seat. 

The Back Seat Kick Mat also has a clear sleeve for tablet viewing during the drive and a secret backside pouch that hides the tablet when the adventure gets taken away from the car. Protect your seat from mess and your valuables from theft! 

If you’re a pet parent, a whole new type of car care comes into play. Check out for our heavy-duty and toughly designed car products to keep the care clean and the pets happy!

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