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Scrape Away The Remaining Winter Months

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Are you tired of the snow? Christmas is over, it’s the new year, and you’re ready for warmth – we get it. While we can’t make the weather warmer, we can offer you the ultimate solutions to make life in the snow easier. Urban Transit™ recently released two rugged products that come in handy as a backup to your FrostGuard® Windshield Cover and help you scrape through winter with a smile! 

IntroducingScrape Buddy andScrape Baby

Laser Cut & Diamond Polished

Unlike cheap windshield ice scrapers, these scraping products are as heavy-duty as it comes. They are laser cut with a ten-degree top scraping edge, rounded corners, and are built with thick six-mm acrylic. 

They are ergonomically designed to scrape frost and ice off of hard-to-reach places while still protecting your windows housing. 

Another built-in feature is the wiper blade groove. There is a small, intentional indentation in your scraper to quickly and safely remove frost from your windshield wiper blades!  

Perfect Backup 

Urban Transit offers super-unique and robustFrostGuard Windshield Covers to protect your car from winter storms. 

Check out your product options and descriptionshere!

But we understand forgetting to put it on before a snow storm happens. This is where Scrape Buddy and Scrape Baby come into play. You may still have to scrape ice, but it will be easier than ever. 

Urban Transit doesn’t want to leave you stranded on the snowy days when you forget your FrostGuard cover – it happens to all of us! 

These scrape products are also great for your side windows or side-view mirrors. They can scrape ice off any part of your car safely and effectively.

How Are Scrape Buddy and Scrape Baby Different?

Scrape Buddy is bigger than Scrape Baby and comes with a sleeve so your hand can hold the scraper more comfortably while removing stubborn frost from your car. 

Scrape Babyis smaller and has a keychain feature so it can stay on your keys – you never have to worry about losing it or forgetting a scraper for your car. It is small, but it is sturdy! And is an ideal size for your side-view mirrors. 

These products have an ergonomic design to last. Lose the old scraper and upgrade with these Urban Transit scrapers – it just makes sense. You won’t have to buy a new scraper every year! 

Plus, they put a smile on your face. Scrape Buddy and Scrape baby have unique designs and are practical products that make your life easier. Trust us, they’ll help you get through this final push of winter. 

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