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Don’t Go Outside! 6 Epic Activities to Do When Snowed in With The Family

  • 3 min read

When snowed in, the problem of boredom often sets in – tapping your thumbs is the worst! But Mom and Dad, just because the weather is way too cold to be outside doesn’t mean the day has to be a boring disaster with the kids.Urban Transit™ is all about solutions and innovation, so here are some creative ideas to bring the winter fun inside. Get the camera ready – the kids are going to love this!

At Home Movie Theatre

Movie Night Presented by FrostGuard Windshield Covers

Have some spare paper? Cut it into small rectangles (the size of a movie ticket stub) and write “admit one” on them. Tell them to prepare the theatre. Their job is to pick a movie, grab all the blankets, and make their at-home movie theatre exactly how they want it. Head in when they’re ready with all kinds of snacks and hand them your tickets to collect – after all, it wouldn’t be a theatre without tickets! Their imagination will run with it, and you can get a cozy night on the couch with the family. 

Snow Forts – Inside! 

You may not be able to fit into the snow fort, but the kids’ action figures can. Get a tub and face the cold for just a few minutes – you got this! Fill it up with snow, and pour it into the bathtub. Then build the ultimate snow castle for the dragons and a sweet farm for the horses to run around on. Again, boosting that imagination and staying warm in the snow! 

Pajama Day 

Urban Transit Pajama Party

Get the whole family to stay in the pajamas all day long! You can’t go anywhere, so you might as well stay cozy. Make hot chocolate, turn on the fireplace, and have a movie marathon. Make the day all about being comfortable and cozy with the family! 

Make Your Own Board Game

Get a poster board, or just tape some paper together, and grab a bunch of markers. Decide on a name for the game, and write it at the top. Then, start drawing a path all over the paper with boxes. Take turns writing silly rules in them that someone must do when they land on them. Some examples could be skipping a turn, not talking until the next round, or singing a song! Make a finish line, and the first person to it wins. Use any little knick-knacks you can find as the game pieces, and play your own game!

Indoor Picnic

Snowed in Picnic

Depending on the time of year, you may be sick of the snow and ready for spring! If that’s the case, take a spring activity and do it now (just inside). Get the essential lunch foods the family loves out of the fridge and put together a platter! Lay a blanket in the middle of your living room, and sit with the family to enjoy the food. Putting on some fun summery-type songs can help with the imagination too! 

Play Games 

Even with just one deck of cards, many game options exist. Pick some the family loves, throw a frozen pizza in the oven, and play games until the sun goes down. The fewer activities happening, the more boredom that will sink in. Thus, choosing longer games is recommended to keep everyone invested – try Monopoly or a big puzzle!

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