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Less Than 20% of People Successfully Stick to Their New Year’s Resolutions – Here’s How to Avoid Being in the 80%

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As the world moves forward into 2023, people are making goals for the new year – just like last year and the year before. But several factors always seem to get in the way of people finding success in these resolutions. It often is simply because the goals are too unrealistic. 

Tips to Consider Before Making a New Year’s Resolution 

1. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself 

If you try achieving too many goals at once, you can quickly face burnout. Whatever your goal is, don’t jump in too quickly.

2. Make a Plan

This is especially helpful if your goal is money-oriented. You can’t save up money without making a budget and planning where you will spend your money. Set yourself up for success by not walking into your goal with no guidelines! 

3. Ask a Friend to Join You 

Whatever your goal is, it might be someone else's too! Tag team your dreams and do it together – it will be more fun, and it will hold you accountable! 

Realistic Resolutions for 2023

4. Eat More Food Groups

To eat healthier, you should make sure to eat a well-balanced diet. Restricting crazy amounts of calories or cutting out an entire food group is not sustainable and won’t nourish your body in the way it needs.

5. Read 2-3 More Times a Week

Reading is excellent for mental stimulation and growing knowledge. It is a wonderful way to wind down before bed unless it’s a real page-turner. . . then you might want to leave some extra time in the day to read it!


6. Drink More Water 

Even an extra glass of water at dinner is beneficial. When you drink a solid amount of water every day, you hydrate your body, give yourself natural energy, and can even get clearer skin.

7. Get Yourself On a Sleep Schedule 

By going to bed and waking up at the same time, your body will get better rest, and it will be easier to wake up in the mornings. If you currently are averaging five hours of sleep every night due to a busy daytime schedule, don’t assume you will be able to get eleven hours every night. Set realistic bed and wake-up times that are sustainable for you. Small steps will get you where you want to be! 

8. Spend less time on your phone

Even if you make it a goal to wake up and brush your teeth in the morning before checking your phone, you’re making progress! Phones and social media 100% serve a purpose in our society, but balancing your time with it allows you to come back to the present and focus on what’s in front of you. 

Change can happen quickly – anything is possible! But wouldn’t you rather your results last because you thought out the best possible solution to your problem and made the change? 

AtUrban Transit™, we believe in working hard towards simple solutions to improve your life. This January, you can do that in your own life, too! Think about what is disorganized, frustrating, or difficult in the day-to-day, and make steps – even if they are small – towards a solution.

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