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La Niña Winter In Motion: Frozen Windshields for Many Americans

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La Niña, marked by below-average temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, spreads freezing weather to a large segment of the US population this winter and early spring. The result: snow, ice, and heavy frost on your vehicle!

This winter was the second La Niña winter in a row according to the NOAA Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service.

The climate pattern began with a blast of cold air down from Alaska and Canada, which then sweeps through the Midwest and stretches upwards into the Northeast. NOAA projects these frosty conditions to last well into the spring season.

For many Americans, this means waking up early to scrape and defrost their windshield before work. The process can take around 20 minutes—but with FrostGuard—the snow and ice peel away in just 20 seconds.

No more scraping. No more thawing. Mornings made easy.

FrostGuard offers four types of front windshield covers

designed to peel away frost and snow
Urban Transit FrostGuard Go Winter Windshield Cover

FrostGuard Go
, the most portable windshield cover comes in a standard 60" x 41" size with security panels that are secured within the car to protect against wind and theft.


 The FrostGuard Plus is perfect for people on the go. It comes in both the standard and 70" x 41" XL size with an added 9" wiper flap and security panels.



Urban Transit FrostGuard Deluxe


The most wind-resistant model, the FrostGuard Deluxe, comes in both the standard and XL sizes. The side mirror elastic straps and security panels keep the cover locked in place in the windiest weather. The Deluxe also features additional mirror covers, as well as the 9" windshield wiper flap.

FrostGuard offers a Rear Window CoverDeluxe Tow Mirror Covers, and Door Handle Covers for complete protection against the elements. 

Urban Transit FrostGuard Rear Window Cover Winter Windshield Cover
Urban Transit FrostGuard Deluxe Tow Mirror Cover
Urban Transit FrostGuard Door Handle Cover

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