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Meet Urban Transit: Reimagined Solutions that are Built for the Journey

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At Urban Transit, we are a collection of families with a passion to take the journey – from garage to destination. The bumps in the road that we confront along the way drive us to reimagine solutions that improve the experience. For you, and for your family.

Intentionally designed, skillfully crafted. Whether the destination is across town or country, Urban Transit delivers solutions that are Built for the Journey.

Urban Transit comes from the creators of FrostGuard and MYCHANIC.

FrostGuard, America’s best-selling windshield cover with ten million units sold, can be found on the Urban Transit website. But don’t worry! The quality and construction of the windshield cover have not changed.

The MYCHANIC stools, tools, and lights you know and love have been revamped into the cool blue of Urban Transit. Already love the shop stools? Keep scrolling to see an absolute beast of a stool!

Urban Transit offers a new array of solutions from garage to destination:

  • Garage tools and stools to effortlessly tackle that project you’ve been putting off
  • Vehicle organizers and protective products to keep your vehicle mess & muck free
  • Destination-centric luxuries to keep you comfortable on trips long and short
  • FrostGuard windshield covers to get you moving quickly in the morning
  • SolarGuard exterior sunshades to minimize summer heat and damage to your vehicle interior

New Products Worth the Hype 

Garage Collection

Urban Transit The Beast Shop Stool

The Beast Shop Stool

The beast among all utility stools takes project efficiency and hauling capacity to the next level!


Destination Collection

Urban Transit Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle Cover

Tough, dual-vented construction made to keep your bike safe, while keeping the elements out.

Vehicle Collection

Urban Transit Back Seat Organizer

Back Seat Kick Mat

Kick back and enjoy the ride knowing that your seats are protected from spills, grime, and dirt.



Urban Transit Back Seat Organizer

Back Seat Organizer

Whether it’s the journey from home to dropping the kids off in the morning or a family road trip, keep your belongings organized and at reach


Urban Transit Car Seat Protector

Car Seat Protector

Protect your upholstery from the bumps along the road, spills, and car seat indentations.


Urban Transit Trunk Organizer

Trunk Organizer

Transfer and store your groceries, sporting goods, plants, and more from point a to point b without making a mess!


Urban Transit Pet Barrier

Pet Barrier

The Pet Barrier ensures that your furry copilot enjoys the ride in the backseat so that you can focus on driving.


Urban Transit Pet Bench Seat Cover

Pet Bench Seat Cover

Maximize back seat protection with a durable premium-quality cover to protect the vehicle from wear, rips, tears, scratches, and stains.


Urban Transit Pet Booster Seat

Pet Booster Seat

Traveling with your small dog is a breeze with this premium-quality, durable, and easy-to-clean booster seat!


Urban Transit Pet Bucket Seat Cover
Pet Bucket Seat Cover

When the going gets tough for your seats, rest assured that they are protected from pet hair, grime, and spills.



We at Urban Transit are thrilled to begin our very own journey as a new brand and share our new products with you.

We intentionally design and skillfully craft each product with the everyday family in mind.


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